Ballroom Dancing is…

A fun, low-impact physical and social activity that engages the body and mind. An exciting way to add romance to your life. A way to truly connect with your partner. An excuse to get dressed up and go out! A way to physically experience fabulous and irresistible music. A rewarding challenge that can provide a lifetime of entertainment. A way to increase confidence and style at social events. A gentle way to burn calories and tone muscles. Perfect for improving posture, balance and coordination. An opportunity to set goals, compete and perform. A great activity for couples or singles! A way to live life to its fullest and to escape from life’s stresses. 

Take the first step in improving your life today!

Dances We Teach

We teach a wide variety of partner dances.  We specialize in American Smooth, American Rhythm, Swing, Club and Latin Club dances.  Among the dances we teach are Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Bolero, Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cumbia,  Nightclub Slow, Club Ballroom, Texas Two-Step and more….


We offer many options to learn to dance, regular opportunities to practice, use and showcase your dancing skills.  We have two showcase events yearly in which our students and professionals perform.  Many of our dancers participate in the Michigan Senior Olympics Dancesport Competition and in NDCA sanctioned competitions.  Read on to discover our wide range of offernings. 


Our Instructors

Our Instructors are highly qualified and mature professionals  with years of teaching and performance experience in a variety of dance styles.  They are well versed in techniques to make learning to dance at any level easy and fun!   


Learn More About Our Instructors >>


Group Classes

Group classes offer structured learning at an affordable price in a fun social setting.  Singles and Couples are welcome.  We offer multi-week Learn-to-Dance series courses and daily drop-in classes.  Please refer to our online calendar for all our offerings.

Learn-to-Dance Series (LTD)

  • 8 week series, 45 minutes each meeting once per week
  • Perfect for beginners or those wanting to focus on a particular style or dance
  • We have LTD series in several different styles of dance: Ballroom, Latin, and Wedding/Social.  Refer to our schedule for our upcoming offerings!
  • A structured curriculum is followed for each course
  • You will learn several step patterns, timing, partnering skills, and the basic form and style of the dance
  • LTD series are a great preparation for private lessons in which you'll get more personalized, in-depth training
  • Class size is limited.  Advance registration and payment is required to reserve your spot
  • All LTD students must bring a clean change of appropriate shoes to each class

Per Person - $112.00


Drop-in Group Classes

  • Drop-in groups either meet once or once per week for a month.  Series classes listed as such on our monthly calendar
  • We have several different Drop-in group classes each week, each focusing on a different dance, technique, sequence or variation
  • Please register for the appropriate class level.  If you are unsure of your level, please ask as class won't be altered if you are not in the proper level
  • Class size is limited.  Advanced registration is recommended
  • Register online or RSVP at Rochester Ballroom

Drop-in Class - $15.00 per person
10 Party/Group Pack - $100.00

Party/Group Packs

You can purchase a pack of 10 passes for admission to Drop-In Group Classes and Friday Night Open Dance Parties that can be used by an individual or shared by a couple. 

10 Party/Group Pack - $100.00

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to learn to dance.  In a private lesson you get the undivided attention of your Instructor. The instructors at Rochester Ballroom are not only highly skilled professional dancers, but also expert teachers with years of experience and much patience.  Private lessons can be used to work on choreography for one of our showcase events or to train for competition.  

  • Private lessons are 45 minutes in length and can be scheduled online or at the studio
  • You have the freedom to schedule your lessons at your convenience
  • You can work at your own pace
  • You can focus on your personal dancing goals to improve your dancing faster
  • Perfect for beginners or advanced dancers
  • Available for singles or couples

1 Private Lesson - $84.00

5 Pack of Private Lessons - $410.00 @ $82.00 each
10 Pack of Private Lessons - $780.00  @ $78.00 each
20 Pack of Private Lessons - $1480.00 @ $74.00 each

Introductory Package

For new dancers only, we offer an opportunity to try out private lessons or brush up on the skills you learned in our Learn-to-Dance Series.  This offers you the advantages of private lessons without long-term committment.  Please schedule online or at the studio.  Pricing is for singles or couples.

Intro Package of 5 Private Lessons - $370.00

Wedding/Special Event Packages

We can make your first dance special and memorable.  We can teach you some simple moves or choreograph a spectacular routine for you.  Each Package includes a personal consultation to make your first dance perfect.  We can even teach your entire wedding party to dance.  Contact us to arrange for a group!  We can also help you prepare for any special event such as an anniversary party. 

5 lessons - $420.00
10 lessons - $840.00

How to Register

Follow these easy steps to create an account so you can access our scheduling and payment system

1.  Go to the upper right hand corner of our home page and click on "create my account/customer portal login"

2.  Create a user ID and password

3.  You will now be taken to our scheduling system, you should see our logo in the upper left corner

4.  Navigate through the top bars to see our groups, series, parties or to schedule private appointments

5.  Click-on "sign up" for the appropriate group or party or "enroll" for the selected series

6.  You can select time and teacher preferences for private lessons if desired

7.  If you need to make a purchase, you will be taken to our retail page which will allow you to pay by credit  card, check or debit card.  Cash transactions can be completed at the studio, just call and we'll set it up

8.  This procedure needs to be followed for each student (ie. a couple cannot share a user name/password, each student needs a unique ID) with the exception of private appointments

9.  If you run into any difficulties, please call or email us and we'll be happy to assist



Dance weekly and save money!  We offer three membership packages that allow dancers to experience all that RB has to offer for one discounted monthly fee which will be charged to the credit/debit card of your choice.  Memberships can be shared between a couple and/or among family members.  Memberships expire 12 months from the start date.  Group/Party packs can be used for drop-in classes, series and regular Friday or Saturday night open dance parties.  There may be additional charges for special workshops, formation groups, LTD series and special events/parties.  Members may purchase additional private lessons and groups/parties at the discounted rate.

Monthly Membership

We are pleased to offer an all-inclusive option for dancers who attend RB several times a month.  Our monthly membership includes 3 private lessons and 10 admissions to groups/parties all at a 15% discount.  Save $51.00 per month!


$299.00 per month


Dress Attire

Dress for group and private lessons is casual.  Generally, people tend to dress up more for parties.  It is recommended that you dress in comfortable clothes you can move easily in and that you dress in layers for comfort.  You need a good pair of shoes.  You will get the best results and enjoyment from having proper ballroom dance shoes which are available for purchase locally or online.  Please refrain from tennis shoes, platform shoes or flip-flops.  Shoes with suede or leather soles will make it easier to dance on our floor.  Please refrain from wearing work boots, soiled shoes or stilettos as it can damage the floor.  We request that you please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into before dancing on our floor.