Brenna Andersen - Dance Director

Brenna has been the Dance Director at RB from the start.  She has been teaching Ballroom for over 11 years.  She has choreographed for dozens of ballroom and Latin performances and has partnered for many pro/am competitions.  Brenna started her career on the ice and was self-employed as a figure skating coach for over 15 years.  She has an extensive dance and athletic background and has been dancing and skating since she could walk.  Brenna has always been fascinated with the study of human function and performance.  She has earned a Bachelor's Degree from Wayne State University in Occupational Therapy and has a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise Science from Oakland University.  She also worked as a NSCA certified personal trainer for several years.  She applies her knowledge of biomechanics to dance, making her a great technical instructor.  Brenna enjoys teaching dancers of all levels, but she really loves teaching technique and the skills needed for advanced dancing.  Currently, Brenna is training several new instructors at RB.  She really enjoys giving life-long dancers the opportunity to learn to teach ballroom.  Off the dance floor, Brenna enjoys traveling and exploring with her fiancé.  She is an avid scuba diver and has worked as a PADI divemaster and assistant instructor.  She also likes drawing, painting and sewing when she has time.  She has designed and sewn several of her own dance costumes.  Brenna and her husband have been taking Argentine Tango lessons for nearly three years.  "The best thing about RB is the people who dance here!  I am surrounded by friends and family (literally, my parents dance here) and I met the love of my life through RB.  I am so lucky to be able to share what I love with people who mean so much to me."  The most rewarding thing for her is seeing how dancing can transform people's lives and she loves to see RB students out dancing socially.





Tim Miles

Tim MilesTim Miles is our most experienced instructor and has been teaching at RB from the start.  Tim has danced for 34 years and has taught ballroom, Latin and social dancing for nearly 20 years.  Over the years, he has received coaching by some of the best in the business.  He loves Salsa and the Latin dances most, but teaches all styles.  He is a great technician and choreographer and he strives to make dancing fun and challenging for advanced students.  He is also outstanding with new dancers, making dance a fun and easy activity for everyone.   A few years ago, Tim won a Local Dancing with the Stars Contest with Lauren Podell.  In 2017, He won the Faith in Action Oakland County's local Dancing with the Stars with Corrin Barnett. Tim's accomplishments are not limited to the dance floor.  He earned an Associate's Degree in marketing and management and a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising.  In his free time, Tim likes to watch movies, play golf, roller skate and spend time with his new (and first) Grandson.  Before RB, Tim owned a bowling alley and was a bowling instructor for 15 years.  He's a skilled athlete and has bowled 2-300 games and has had a hole in one in golf!  Tim routinely donates blood platelets and looks forward to getting his "First Gallon Pin" from the Red Cross soon.  Tim's dance and life philosophy is "If you dig it, do it.  If you really dig it, do it twice".  He feels that life is too short not to dance and that life without dance is a mistake.  In teaching new dance students, Tim aims to "leave them wanting more, not heading for the door".   What he likes best about RB is the wonderful students.  Tim is constantly striving to be a better teacher by learning new steps and dances.  When he's not teaching at RB, you can find him studying new moves or selecting his next favorite dance song!  His love for dancing shows in all he does at RB.






Marci Bykat


Marci recently joined the RB team and is thrilled to be back in Michigan.  Growing up in Michigan, Marci fell in love with dance, especially ballet and jazz, as well as the visual arts.  She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and earned her BFA and her Art Education Certificate.  After college, Marci taught ballroom and Latin dance in Michigan and New York for several years.  She met her Husband, Daniel in New York and together, they have a 5 year old daughter, Lilac.  After NYC, Marci and her family moved to California for about 3 years and just recently moved back to Michigan with no plans to move again!  Marci loves so many aspects of ballroom dancing and teaching.  Some of her specialties are Latin and Smooth technique and styling, as well as developing musicality through a combination of strong rhythm foundations and learning how to use your “language” of dance in a personal and creative way.  Marci loves creating choreography and has created many pieces for students, professionals and formations and groups.  She loves teaching both experienced and new dancers.  The passion, energy and enthusiasm for learning is so thrilling for her as a teacher!  Marci notes that “at all levels of dance, every person has an individual style of learning so I am always working to find new ways to communicate in a clear way in order to connect to each student.  I love being at Rochester Ballroom and getting to know all the wonderful, warm and friendly students and staff and getting my feet back into the “swing” of things!”





Nick Ligocki


Nick started dancing with us in 2014 and quickly impressed us with his technical understanding of dance.  He is a great instructor for beginners and his patience and sense of humor make dancing fun for all.  He is a wonderful dancer, particularly with the smooth dances!  He has performed in several showcase routines with his instructor as well as with amatuer dancers and formation teams.  






Matt Justice


Matt has recently joined us at RB.  He has an extenstive dance background, and although he is relatively new to the ballroom scene, he is a fun and engaging new instructor.




Katie Migliore


Katie is currently training to be a RB instructor.  Katie has been a dancer since she could walk.  She continued to dance through college at Central Michigan University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in dance.  She was a student and choreogrepher for the CMU University Theatre Dance Company.  Although she is new to Ballroom, she is a very quick study and will be on the floor teaching soon!  Her vivacious personality and technical ability will be a great asset to RB!













We're always looking for new talent.  If you're interested in joining our team of professional ballroom dance instructors, please send your resume to the studio.  We will train the right candidates for a fun and rewarding career!