Wedding Choreography



Our expert instructors can get you ready for your first dance.  Whether you envision an elegant waltz, a sophisticated foxtrot or a spicy salsa, we can help you with every detail.  We can teach you a few basic steps along with a nice entrance and ending dip in just a few lessons or we can teach you a fully choreographed routine to your custom edited song.  Most couples begin lessons 4-6 months before the wedding, but if you're short on time, we can still get you dancing with confidence and style.  In addition to teaching brides and grooms, we can also teach entire wedding parties, daddy-daughter, and mother-son dances.  


Wedding Packages    

  • 1 Lesson = $94.00          For last-minute help, we will teach you the basics!         
  • 5 Lessons = $420.00          This is usually enough for a basic routine with a simple entrance and ending dip.
  • 10 Lessons = $840.00          For more elaborate customized choreography for a truly memorable first dance!